Training System

The Total Business Plants project offers an Innovative training system based on improved accessibility that provides academic content, practical activities and functional experience. This training system encompasses establishment and functioning of a competency-based joint training curriculum for organization and operation of a process that promotes learning integration of end-users with targeted professional portrait suitable to the area of healing /medicinal plants.

In order to endorse accessibility and to fit trainees’ background, the project’s innovative training system operates through personalized Modular learning, called here Customized Training Modules (CTMs). The CTMs comprise collection of learning resources, the Learning Outcomes (LOs) that are used as main building blocks of the CTMs. Each LO is independent, self-content and capable of combining to other learning outcomes resulting in the formation of a defined CTM.

The CTMs are offered through different modes of learning/training: distance and part-time, both accessible after registration by the potential users. The common features of these modes of training are focused on:

  • Variety of skills levels they cover;
  • Operation at both education institution and work-place context;
  • Offering of training to both workers and unemployed;
  • Flexibility – relative independence of training in respect to time and place;
  • Comprehensiveness – access to all training materials in a high quality;
  • Support – possibility for mediation of the training process by tutoring/coaching, offered by qualified tutors/mentors;
  • Social effect – possibilities for communication among the trainees via participation in virtual training networks, courses, forums, tutorials, etc.

The distance learning specific features are related to the offer of study possibilities towards qualification to trainees who want to study at their own pace, space and time. Its training methodology include video- and audio-conferences, virtual learning environment, tel./e-mail contacts, etc.
The part-time training also offers study possibilities towards qualification but at more flexible schedule. The learning and assignments completion, and exam passing are offered for a prolonged duration at fixed time-periods with a training methodology that includes for instance evening-classes, weekend-sessions, 1 week-training, etc.

In this way, the training system integrates trainees facing distance obstacles, or lack of free time (common problem of working force). Its potential users are those who have some experience and knowledge on healing /medicinal plants but also trainees who need a basic understanding of the Total Business Plants core elements. That is why the training panel displays CTMs purposefully arranged to offer general and complementary training to targeted trainees depending on their professional background and educational needs.


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