Hamamelis virginiana (American Witch - Hazel)

Medical Indication

Part of the plant which can be used

  • The plant bark or the leaf of the plant.

Present in the market

  • Herbal tea.
  • Tincture.
  • Liquid extract.
  • Dry extract.

Medical Use and Dosage – mode of administration

HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA is mainly used to treat many conditions such as minor injuries of the skin, skin inflammations, ulcerations and dermatoses.
It is also a very useful medicine as a treatment for hemorrhoids.
It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-hemorrhagic effect.
Hamamelis herbal medicinal products are traditionally used in the form of herbal tea, as astringent in supportive therapy for acute diarrhea, hemorrhoids, as a gargle in inflammation of the mouth and throat, especially when accompanied by inflammation of the gums.
It reduces the visibility of varicose veins, accelerates healing of bruises, smoothes sunburns, and is a cure for eczema and psoriasis.
In all aforementioned health problems can be used herbal tea 3 times daily, or tincture several times per day, or liquid extract 3 times daily or dry extract 3 times daily.

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Combinations & Contraindications

Hamamelis is combined with Hydrastis canadensis L., Ruscus aculeatus L., or Aesculus hippocastanum L.
In case of contraindications, Hamamelis is forbidden in hypersensitivity.
In case of hemorrhoids, Hamamelis virginiana can combine very well with Raspberry.
It is contraindicated to be used during pregnancy without medical surveillance.

Recognized Ethnobotanical use

Hamamelis is used to treat conditions such as minor inflammation of mucous membranes of the oral cavity. It is also used for symptomatic relief of itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids. Furthermore, Hamamelis helps the body deal with minor skin inflammation and dryness of the skin.

Dissemination & Use