Aloe vera (Aloe)

Medical Indication

Part of the plant which can be used

  • The bulb and the leaf of the plant.

Present in the market

  • Tablets
  • Ointment
  • Herbal tea
  • Gel

Medical Use and Dosage – mode of administration

ALOE VERA can be used as tonic, emmenagogue, healing treatment, anthelmintic.
The ALOE VERA gel helps maintain the moisture of the skin. It is used on facial tissues where it is promoted as a moisturiser and anti-irritant to reduce chafing of the nose.
Also is an effective intervention used in burn wound healing for first- to second-degree burns.
Furthermore, it is used in constipation, as appetizer and in other digestive disorders. In constipation treatment can be used 1 tablet every night, and in skin treatment can be applied in ointment 3 times daily. In all other aforementioned disorders we drink herbal tea 2 times daily.

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Combinations & Contraindications

In overdosed ALOE VERA might present skin disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, nephrotoxicity, edema and muscle contractions. It should be avoided during pregnancy because it causes uterine spasms, and during breastfeeding because it can act as a laxative for the child.
It is contraindicated to be used during pregnancy without medical surveillance.

Recognized Ethnobotanical use

ALOE VERA can be applied on the skin as ointment for edema and burn. Also, it is used in constipation, appetizer and other digestive disorders.
It is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and stimulant.

Dissemination & Use