Cistus creticus (Cistus)

Medical Indication

Part of the plant which can be used

  • The flower of the plant

    • Present in the market

      • Herbal tea
      • Ointment
      • Tincture

      Medical Use and Dosage – mode of administration

      CISTUS CRETICUS is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine. It can be used in obesity, because is very diuretic and activates the metabolism. Also, it is a very good herbal medicine that can be used in skin disorders such as acne and psora.
      It can be used to treat women reproductive system, and is a very good remedy in uterine tumors.
      In all aforementioned health problems, it can be used in herbal tea, and the suggested dosage is 3 – 4 times daily.
      In case of skin disorders, it can be applied in ointment.
      In all aforementioned health cases, it can be used in tincture 2 times daily.

      Combinations & Contraindications

      Do not overdose.
      It is contraindicated to be used during pregnancy without medical surveillance.

      Recognized Ethnobotanical use

      CISTUS CRETICUS is known as antioxidant remedy. It relieves peptic system and stomach. It is also a very good remedy in skin disorders such as dermatitis, acne and psora.

Dissemination & Use