Explore the project’s training modes

Explore the project’s training modes

Distance learning

The distance learning specific features are related to the offer of study possibilities towards qualification to trainees who want to study at their own pace, space and time. Thus, the TBP project’s training system offers a flexible way of building up trainees’ learning and qualifications. The programme is made up of a set of 27 modular Learning Outcomes (LOs) within the 5 main topics, according trainees’ interests, existing skills and knowledge, learning goals. Project’s training methodology includes the creation of Customized Training Modules (CTMs). The CTMs comprise collection of learning resources, -the Learning Outcomes (LOs) – that are used as main building blocks of the CTMs. Each LO is independent, self-content and capable of combining to other learning outcomes resulting in the formation of a defined CTM.
Part-time training

The part-time training also offers study possibilities towards qualification for a prolonged duration at fixed time-periods. In order to facilitate the training process in alignment with the everyday practice of the working trainees’, the project scientific team proposes an exemplary learning schedule for better perception and reasoning of the learning material (during the evenings, during the weekends, etc.).  That is why the training panel displays CTMs purposefully arranged to offer general and complementary training to targeted trainees depending on their professional background and educational needs.
Modular learning

The modular learning is made up of a number of sequential modules so that the trainee can enter at the level best suited to his interests and goals. The three entry levels of the modular learning programme are:

  • Personal level (Project’s open learning resources): trainees gain knowledge and skills to explore, understand and change issues in their daily personal and work life.
  • Professional level: trainees develop their skills and integrate them into their existing work. They follow the distance / part-time learning mode, according to their profession and EQF level.
  • Certification level: trainees follow the distance / part-time learning mode, combined with a simulation of (self)assessment tests , in order to be able prepare themselves for examination and certification.

In this way, the training system integrates trainees facing distance obstacles, or lack of free time (common problem of working force). Its potential users are those who have some experience and knowledge on healing /medicinal plants but also trainees who need a basic understanding of the Total Business Plants core elements.

The CTMs are offered through different modes of learning/training: distance and part-time, both accessible after registration by the potential users.

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