Interactive Web Platform

An interactive web platform including the three core elements of the Project’s innovative character.

  1. The Total Business Plants Virtual Tool: The trainee is able to open the Total Business Plants Virtual Tool in order to:
    • take a virtual tour through the plants that can be cultivated accordingly to specific geographic latitude
    • open specific category of plants to see images with individual plants
    • take more specific information on: plant’s name, cultivation requirements temperature, humidity, substrate, growing seasons, the certification procedure required, possible markets for the harvest and the possible income.
  1. The Total Business Plants Training Material and E-learning: The training material, based on EQF principles, is offered in 3 modules:
    • organic cultivation
    • harvest treatment and certification
    • market implementation of the product

Trainee is able to create a personal dossier for training and with the completion of the training cycle a certificate of accomplishment will be purchased. Once the dossier is opened with individual choices of plants, a calendar of actions is created on which the trainee have to perform actions, gained through the training, in order to successfully cultivate the plants of his choice, implement the harvest treatment and certification and boost his product to the market.

The aforementioned steps create a personal training cycle and when the user accomplishes parts of the circles, he gains a successful training certificate.

  1. The Total Business Plants Open Learning Recourses:

Within the Virtual Plant tool a useful data base is created, presented as open resource tool, offering information to visitors who wish to gain certified knowledge about the use of healing plants, but not to take the whole training. This data base is prepared in a form of online database/catalogue, equipped with a searching engine that will allow visitors to quickly locate plants of their interest.

Dissemination & Use