Training Material

The Total Business Plants project offers an Innovative training material based on improved accessibility that provides academic content, practical activities and functional experience.

As a core project’s objective stands the ability to offer integrated professional training in the sphere of healing /medicinal plants. To reach this objective project partnership have developed innovative VET training content dedicated on the following main topics:

  • Organic Cultivation of medicinal plants
  • Methods for harvest treatment
  • Quality assurance of the final product
  • Business startup in the sector of medicinal plants
  • Extended use of medicinal plants

The Total Business Plants training material is offered in a multilingual joint study programme structured in attractive modes, grounded on recognizable EU tools for EQF/NQF and ECVET implementation. It aims to equip the trainees with certified contemporary integrated knowledge about different aspects of medicinal plants use.

At the same time the project will:

  • enforce professional development
  • contribute in achievement of transparency of learning outcomes in project economic area;
  • increase the opportunity of work-power mobility throughout Europe and help to further development of the new
    European Common Agricultural Policy.


Module No. 1 Organic cultivation of medicinal plants
Unit 1 Organic cultivation of medicinal plants – agromelioration conditions
Unit 2 Environmental factors influencing the organic cultivation of MP – ecological tolerance
Unit 3 Introduction of protected and endangered MPs into cultivation – impact on biodiversity
Unit 4 Organic cultivation of MP – the research, the commercial and the conservation points
Unit 5 Benefits and social impact of MP organic cultivation – success stories
Module No. 2 Methods for harvest treatment
Unit 1 Pre-harvest consideration
Unit 2 Harvesting of healing/medicinal plants
Unit 3 General guide lines
Unit 4 Post-harvest treatment of healing/medicinal plants
Unit 5 Storage and packaging
Unit 6 Specific guidelines examples
Module No. 3 Quality assurance of the final product (Medicinal plants)
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Sampling of the final product
Unit 3 Quality control of medicinal plants/final product
Unit 4 Laboratory techniques
Module No. 4 Business start-up in the sector of medicinal plants
Unit 1 Business Start-Up Planning
Unit 2 Market Analysis
Unit 3 Building Business Model for Medicinal Plants Sector
Unit 4 Marketing Plan
Unit 5 Legal issues, funding and networking
Unit 6 Business Start-Up Internationalization and innovation
Module No. 5 Medical use of therapeutic plants
Unit 1 Therapeutic plants from Antiquity to the end user (Hippocrates, Theophrastos Galenus, others)
Unit 2 Ethnobotanical use and modern Phytotherapy
Unit 3 Medical use of therapeutic plants: indications, proved pharmacological action of known constituents
Unit 4 Herbal preparations – Phytomedicines – Dosage & mode of administration
Unit 5 Limitations in medicinal use, Efficacy & Safety
Unit 6 Improvement of everyday life and general health status
Dissemination & Use