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The use of medicinal plants in healing but also in improving people’s health status is well known from ancient ages, but now days become a popular manner again. Evidence to this is the plethora of information that can be found in contemporary literature and the web about healing properties of herbs. Often this information is considered to be uncertain and can become dangerous when used by untrained people or prescribed by insufficiently trained professionals. Therefore the provision of certified knowledge about medicinal plants in a way that can be easily understood by the end users has vital importance. For the reason the Online Plant Encyclopedia is prepared in a form of online database, allows visitors to find relevant information regarding specific plants, or diseases. Also there is presented information about the medical use of specific plant, dosage and mode of application, combinations & contraindications according the recommendations of human regulatory of the European organization ema.europa.eu.
The Total Business Plants project through the online plants encyclopedia aims to offer an Interactive Tool that can be used both by medical doctors, pharmacists, and other healing practitioners wishing to get certified knowledge about medicinal plants and to amplify their everyday practice, but also by people wishing to improve their health status safely. In the same time is provided information about the recognized ethnobotanical use of each medicinal plant and the kind of products present at the market, and therefore the online plants encyclopedia can be used as a tool for promoting medicinal plants sales so to improve economic growth in the sector.

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