Professional Certification

Choose your profession / EQF level to develop your knowledge and skills, and prepare for examination and certification.

TBP main target groups TBP complementary target groups
Farmers EQF3 / EQF4 Life science professionals EQF5 / EQF6
Agricultural technicians EQF5 / EQF6 Pharmacist / Pharmacist, industrial EQF5 / EQF6
Agriculture inspectors EQF5 / EQF6 Traditional and Complementary Medicine Professionals EQF5 / EQF6
Agriculture advisors / agronomists / farm management consultant / administration officers EQF6 Therapist, recreational Other Health Professionals EQF5 / EQF6
Rural entrepreneurs / sales / marketing Professionals EQF5 / EQF6
Managers of agro-tourist SME’s; Manager, agricultural production EQF5 / EQF6


Dissemination & Use